FRUTADELI S.A. was founded in 2005 in Ecuador, a company whose philosophy and goal are to provide the best banana to international markets. In short time, FRUTADELI S.A. started being considered one of the most prestigious banana exporting companies of Ecuador, showing great professionalism in each of its actions.

There is nothing more important than our “Sweet Passion for Banana”, based on a strict quality control along with the best ethical conduct with our customers, employees, partners, social and environmental policies.

Our growing export volumes of banana have increasingly strengthened and motivated the commitment to deliver to our customers and consumers worldwide, “fresh fruits” selected from the best Ecuadorian fields and supported by the strictest international certifications.

All our producers – partners and strategists – are constantly assisted by new techniques, technological advice, modern infrastructure, top-quality agricultural processes, packaging and transportation, which allowed us to award us with the title of “unbeatable quality service”.

A company ready to support and assist your business 24 hours a day. Undoubtedly, we live the “Sweet Passion of Banana” from Ecuador-South America, the best soil to produce “The best fruit of the world”, with the loyalty of our field staff.

We invite you to taste, feel, and live the FRUTADELI experience.

Sandra Monroy M.
General Manager.


FRUTADELI S.A., is an exporting and fruit trading company, which provides an unbeatable quality service; surpassing the needs and expectations of our clients, work accomplished with technically trained personnel and committed in the fight against illicit activities; permanently seeking continuous improvement.


To be a banana exporter with the highest standards of quality and service for local and international clients, committing ourselves to the safety of our actions and the well-being of our employees.


To consolidate ourselves as the leading company in the export and commercialization of bananas, placing our brands in the most competitive and demanding markets; distinguishing us for the quality, the service and the safety in our operations.